Choshi Triathlon 2009 – October 4th

October 9, 2009

Hello all!

On 10/4/2009 was the last triathlon of the season : The Choshi Marina International Triathlon.

choshi-09-swimstartOver 500 participants:
A lot more people registered to the race this year so it was already full before dead line, and some of NFCC members could not participate. Had a thought for the ones back to their countries, who were not here this year : David, Paul, Jacques,…
Condition were good, considering pouring rain and strong wind the day before AND the day after…
The “ancients” knew the hard course on the bike (souvenirs… my 1st OLY here on a mountain bike…) whereas the young (and crazy) dogs were discovering it.
The run course (consisting of 4 laps) has changed this year, making it much more challenging, with a lot more hills, u-turns…

So, what happened ?
* Hiro-the-star, the local attraction, known anywhere he goes made a sub 2:15 after a brilliant swim (I want the same wetsuit !) :-).
* David Sims, as regular as a clock, scored his 17956th sub2:20.
* Fabien, after 1 year rest… heu, recovery, is back in business. Like Eric Lesne, only a few weeks after his debuts on Ironman distance. Both went under 2:40.
Note: please register your names in romanji next time, it’s hard enough to find your name in japanese characters in the result list…
* Kudo-san had the run of the day : 38min on that course is fast !

As for me, Hiro kicked my ass on the swim, so I went deep in the red-purple-black zone to get him on the bike (Hiro, do you know you lose time putting socks on ?;)) and struggled the rest of the race. Managed a surprising overall 8th though.

Now is winter coming. Some of us are now preparing the next event : Ironman New-Zealand, in march 2010. yes, it’s starting now…

See you around,


Choshi Triathlon - Group Photo

Still smiling?


He even cuts his bib number to be more aero… He is a STAR §


Fabien attacking hard


I’m coming for you, HIROOOOOOOOO !!!!


Wheel size does matter, don’t you think, Didier ? And it’s all carbon-made… (do you read, Sandy ?)


One comment

  1. Well done Eric! An overall 8th rank is very impressive especially with a total time of 2:12:04 overall and about 520 participants.

    Thank you for the transition tips. It made a huge difference and I surely saved a few minutes between the swim and bike.

    m(_ _)m bowing with respect for my master


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