Running Plan 06 (Tokyo – Akasaka Palace)

November 4, 2009

This running program is very central and therefore very convenient for people living/working in downtown Tokyo mainly. It is easily accessible from Aoyama Iichome (Ginza line), Akasaka Mitsuke (Ginza line) Yotsuya (JR Sobu, JR Chuo and Marounouchi line) and Shinanomachi (JR Chuo line) stations.

The running course consist of 1 lap around the Akasaka Palace and includes a couple of challenging hills. Each lap covers around 3.3km.


1st Lap: 3.30km
2nd Lap:6.60km
3rd Lap:9.90km
4th Lap:12.00km
5th Lap:13.20km

6th Lap:16.50km
7th Lap: 19.90km

You can also extend your running course distance to 4.8km per lap by passing by the Shinanomachi running track (1.3km) which is just a few hundred meters from the Akasaka running course (see course description below).


1st Lap: 7.8km
2nd Lap:15.60km
3rd Lap:23.40km
4th Lap:31.20km


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