Discover Taikan (Reebok) – A new way to run

December 13, 2009

Japan Triathlon is proud to introduce you Reebok’s brand new running shoe, the Taikan. More than just a sneaker, Reebok innovates once again and re-invent the way we run.

The Taikan was invented by Tetsuhido Kin and designed to help runners build more endurance by using their core body. By keeping your body into a more forward position, the Taikan shoe helps keeping your momentum as you run and also reduces considerably the impact and force absorbed by your legs each time your foot hits the ground.

Both your new running form and the decreased amount of shocks onto your joints will allow you to jog more efficiently, spend fewer calories during each training sessions / races (comparing to other standard running shoes), and consequently increase your stamina during longer runs.

For example, Reebok explains us that when a standard shoe would take you to 1.6K for 200 calories burnt, the Taikan would help you increase that distance to approximately 2K for the same caloric expense.

Taikan currently offers 3 types of models:

Taikan KR:
Recommended for: Advance Runners
Description: Built for speed, Reebok Taikan KR is a line of high-performance shoes, designed to give you an edge in any competition or to beat your personal stopwatch.
Weight: 215grams

Taikan IB:
Recommended for: Intermediate Runners
Description: Reebok Taikan IB has a one-piece underlay that allows you the runner to withstand both daily training routines and the pressure of a competitive race.
Weight: 260grams

Taikan NK:
Recommended for: Fitness Runners
Description: Reebok Taikan NK is the perfect pair for fitness runners who run mainly to keep fit but are also keen to improve their personal best.
Weight: 250grams

For more information (In English)
http://www.rbk.com/runtaikan/ (Check Taikan Technique)

For more information (In Japanese):

For additional information or SPECIAL OFFERS on any REEBOK PRODUCTS,
please email our contact David McKinnon from Reebok Japan at: david.mckinnon@reebok.com


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