Biking Plan 03 (Oi-Futo – Loop – 9.16km)

November 28, 2010

The Oi-Futo area is a popular spot for cyclists living in the Tokyo area. It’s not a particularly beautiful part of town (as it’s located in a container harbour near a port so you can imagine the scenary) but it offers a perfect training arena, and since the business is closed on each Sunday, you will benefit from an absolutely ZERO TRAFFIC ON SUNDAYS – which is a real luxary. This training spot is best for those of you who wish to train speed, do some interval training or ride is larger groups on wide open roads.

You can reach Oi-Futo area from many different stations (Shinagawa, Oimachi, Samezu, Shinagawa Seaside, Okeibajomae and others…) but keep in mind that they are all quite far from the actual spot. The most convenient way to access it is by bike.

The most popular course used is as follows (listed in red) but can be adjustable according to your preference:

Distance: 9.16km

Oi-futo Meeting Point

Oi-futo is a popular spot for speed training and for Triathlete to show off their TT Racing Bike

For those others not into Triathlon, they can enjoy riding in groups without worrying too much about the traffic

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