Fortunebike: The New Bike Shop in Town – Tokyo – Kinshicho

December 5, 2010

This week-end, JapanTriathlon went to pay a visit to Daisuke Nishikori san who recently opened his own bike shop (2 months ago to be exact). Nishikori san was previously managing Mr. Charley, another bike shop based in Ikebukuro. He is well known for its quality service and friendly staffs.

His new bike shop is called “FORTUNEBIKE“. It’s well located close to the Kinshicho station and just a few minutes close to a large shopping mall and a cinema theater (see link to map below). I have always felt that Nishikori san provided THE BEST service you could possibly find in town so I wanted to wish him the best of luck with his new venture and remind him that he could count on me to remain one of his loyal customers.

Nishori san is a true professional and bike lover. He might not have yet all the parts you’re looking for available in his shop, but, he will order them for you in a record time and will always be happy to support you with additional support such as bike fitting, maintenance work prior to a race etc… I have always been impressed with his kindnesses, service quality and support and highly recommend anyone of you to pay him a visit to find out for yourself.

Daisuke Nishikori assisting a customer with the bike fitting of his new TT Ceepo Venom bike

Photos of his brand new shop: FortuneBike

FortuneBike Co., Ltd
Website: http://www.fortunebike.net
TEL: 03-6318-4951
Address: Sumida-ku, Taihei 3-10-10, Ichikawa Kougyou Biru 1F
〒130-0012 墨田区太平3-10-10 市川鉱業ビル1F
Owner:  Daisuke Nishikori

On Week days: from 12pm until 9pm
On Saturday and Sunday: from 11am until 8pm
平日 12時開店 ~ 21時閉店  土日 11時開店 ~ 20時閉店

Access Map: Here

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